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tenute zagari azienda 

The Zagari Farm was founded in 2010 based upon the passion of its owner Fabio Zagari for his land and his products. Calabria and Sicily, extreme southern Italian regions, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, are wonderful amphitheaters. The crops are inserted in a lush setting enjoying a wonderful temperate climate, ideal for the ripening of fruit that encases natural flavors in their purest state.

Fabio Zagari

Centuries old olive trees of the cultivars(1) type and typical of the area (Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Giarraffa and Cerasuola) are grown with painstaking care by the family in olive groves located in Sicily within the beautiful landscape of the Sikelian Mountains along the river Sosio. Close to Palazzo Adriano, in the hinterland of the city of Palermo, these crops are cultivated exclusively with organic and natural methods and their precious fruits are hand picked and sent to the cold pressing process within 24 hours to maintain their intense aroma. An aroma that is found in their excellent and characteristic extra virgin olive oil. It is fruity and slightly spicy. Zagari treats the olive oil like nectar to be distilled with great wisdom.
The Zagari crops do not stop at the majestic olive trees. Their strictly organically produced products  extend to vegetable plants and fruit trees such as cedar, loquat, mango, macadamia nut, black and white mulberry, fig, avocado, lotus, black sapote, pomegranate and cherimoya. These crops located in Cannitello, a beautiful resort in Calabria which overlooks the beautiful surroundings of the Messina Strait, are all watered with sub irrigation techniques using water wells and ancient noria (2) methods.

The company also produces wine from native vineyards nestled on the hills of Reggio Calabria at the foot of mainland Italy. These are grown according to ancient traditions and the most modern biological techniques. The old millstone (3) in the family for many generations, is still used and it seems to tell the story of the farmers engaged in harvesting and crushing the grapes.

1 – cultivar: varieties of cultivated plant
2 – noria: water wheel with the function of raising water
3 – millstone: circular stones placed in large tanks used to press grapes in order to extract the juice